Healthy buckwheat flour pancakes, topped with granola, coconut, honey and kiwis

Healthy Pancakes

Prep Time 
5 minutes
Cook Time 
5 minutes
Resting Time 
Total Time 
10 minutes



1 egg
large spoons of whole meal almond powder or buckwheat flour
10 cl
of vegetable cream (coconut/rice/oat)
Coconut oil

Toppings (optional)

Sweet: fresh fruit, few crushed nuts, grated coconut, a little honey. It’s just important here to not add too many sweet toppings (no commercial jams, but honey in small doses or low-sugar jams).
Savoury: mushrooms, tomatoes, rocket, herbs, a bit of cheese…


Step 1

Mix the egg and the flour together, then add the vegetable cream. Mix it until you get an homogenous batter that is not too liquid, nor too compact. If needed, you can also add some more cream to make it more fluid, or add some more flour to thicken it.

Step 2

Heat up a pan with some coconut oil (anti-bacterial, anti-viral, rich in lauric acid, in good medium-chain fatty acids) and pour some of the batter in to form pancakes.

Step 3

When bubbles form on the surface, flip the pancake over to cook it on the other side. When it is done, put it on a plate.

Step 4

It's up to you to decide whether you want to top your pancakes with sweet or savoury, treat yourself!

Enjoy this with a yummy drink and you’re all set!


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