At TAKINOA we are firm believers that what we eat and how we live are fundamental to our well-being. We've been promoting our deeply-rooted values since 2013, initially with a chain of boutique restaurants, now with a platform to share ideas, tips, stories, and recipes for a healthier you. To celebrate this evolution, we gave our logo a gentle tweak while carrying the values and ideals of our founder forth. It fills us with such joy, to be able to support our growing Community and we look forward to learning, every step of the way.
Founder of TAKINOA Eric Lebel standing in front of a chalet in the mountains smiling
Eric Lebel, Founder of TAKINOA

What We Believe In

TAKINOA bayleaves symbolizing food for a better life.

Food for a better life.

We here at TAKINOA would love to see a world without junk food. Especially since poor nutrition is known to increase the risk of obesity and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, and even certain forms of cancer. We believe that by playing a role in knowing how to replace junk food with easy, achievable, and especially nutritious alternatives, we can be a part of dramatically lowering the number of people suffering from obesity and diabetes. TAKINOA strives to be a driving force fighting to decrease the number of deaths caused by poor nutrition.
TAKINOA photo shoot of fork balanced on a ceramic plate with light and shadow symbolizing TAKINOA inspiring change

Inspiring change.

We at TAKINOA want to be the trustworthy Swiss source for neutral and researched information and tools focused on knowledge about food, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Reliable content, as well as the shared knowledge and experience of our Experts, Ambassadors and Community members is at the centre. We aim to build a symbiotic relationship based on trust, free from corruption and ulterior motives. To achieve this, TAKINOA will consistently share neutral, high-quality, researched information across multiple media – revealing the truth about food and nutrition and their holistic nature. Although TAKINOA has access to expert sources and acts as a catalyst between experts and the population, we are a people's brand – fighting for better food for more joy, a better life, and a better future, together.
TAKINOA photo shoot of natural object laying on a ceramic plate with light and shadow symbolizing TAKINOA using a holistic approach

A holistic approach.

We strive to build a supportive Community that not only cares about good nutrition, but also truly understands what good nutrition means and practices this on a daily basis. Nutrition can hardly be viewed in an isolated sense; good food is intertwined with our planet, having a symbiotic effect on each other. If we at TAKINOA can inspire and help deepen the community's understanding of these symbiotic connections, we believe the community will organically begin to inspire and spread the information further, hopefully leading to a shift of society's collective perception and knowledge.

“It is necessary to help people to connect to their needs, beyond the cultural and social dimension of food, which still too often acts as a conditioning.“

– Eric Lebel, Le Temps (Swiss newspaper published in Geneva)

Our Vision

TAKINOA strives to be the Swiss brand of reference to accompany and support the people in a necessary and sustainable dietary transition and to help everyone in their quest for a healthy life.

Our Mission

We aim to build a community of like-minded individuals wo are aware of the importance of healthy eating. By offering accessible content written by our network of contributors, we aim to inform, inspire and ultimately motivate a change of diet for their health and the good of the environment.

Our History

The name

TAKINOA is a phonetic reference to quinoa, which is prized for the excellent nutritional value, the sound also evokes a certain sense of serenity. The prefix "Taki" (from ancient Greek takhys – fast) and the ending "No" are combined to indicate the absence of speed.

The origins

Founded in 2013 in Switzerland, TAKINOA is the result of many years of observing the evolution of eating habits, out-of-home catering and reflections around the theme of "healthy and responsible eating". Eric Lebel, founder of TAKINOA, set his mind on the mission of changing the way we live our relationship with food, regarding ourselves, and our environment. Basing one's nutrition choices on one's epigenetics leads to more well-being, joy, dynamism and longevity.

The evolution

We served this mission from 2013 to 2020 by creating and building a restaurant network. In 2019 TAKINOA purchased Tekoe, a Swiss tea brand, as the first step of reviewing its food business model; marking the beginning of a new, evolved TAKINOA. Soon after, TAKINOA decided that its mission had to continue with a predominantly digital model, emphasising knowledge sharing to help the Swiss population in the transformation of their eating habits whether vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan.
TAKINOA boutique in Lausanne seating area with chairs

Nutritional Guidelines

We opt for local and seasonal products

Short transportation distances ensure the food is as fresh as can be and rich in vitamins and nutrients. Shorter transportation distances also mean lowered energy consumption. Everyone wins. We respect the cycle of nature and support our local farmers and the environment around us.

We choose organic

Not only because it’s healthier food, but because it’s better for the environment and our planet. The smaller we can keep our ecological footprint, the better.

We prefer whole grain products

We choose products of certified organic origin, starting with quinoa (of course!) but also buckwheat, bulgur, chia, basmati rice.

We ban deep-frying

We prefer pan-cooking with the highest quality fats: organic coconut fat, organic ghee and cold-pressed olive- and rapeseed oil from the first pressing.

We choose the ideal cooking methods

By steaming or cooking at low temperatures, we preserve all of the nutritional qualities of the food.

We limit our use of salt and refined sugar

As their consumption harms our health and they mask the true flavour of the food.

Our Team

Sophie Lebel

Co-Founder & Communications Manager

Kimberly Eichenberger

Web Design, Development & Communications

Cristel Droz

Digital Marketing and Social Media Intern 

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