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We here at TAKINOA are firm believers that what we eat and how we live are fundamental to our well-being. We've been promoting our deeply-rooted values since 2013, initially with a chain of boutique restaurants, now with a platform to share ideas, tips, stories, and recipes for a healthy lifestyle with you.
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What We Believe In

TAKINOA photo shoot of fork balanced on a ceramic plate with light and shadow symbolizing TAKINOA inspiring change

Inspiring change.

We are sure that every little effort we make can positively impact our planet and life. Be the change you wish to see in the world!
TAKINOA bayleaves symbolizing food for a better life.

Food for a better life.

We firmly believe that people's lives and well-being can significantly benefit from improvements in nutrition and self-care.
TAKINOA photo shoot of natural object laying on a ceramic plate with light and shadow symbolizing TAKINOA using a holistic approach

A holistic approach.

We believe in the power of a holistic approach and offer our readers and community members access to the latest information, research and valuable expert tips.

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