Julien Kolly

Julien Kolly

Julien Kolly is the founder of Kolly Gallery in 2014. He can be described as a pioneer of promoting and exhibiting graffiti art in galleries in Switzerland. Back in September 2006, he opened his first gallery named GT29, in collaboration with the Nuithonie Theater in Villars-sur-Glâne. Two years later, he founded La Grille in Yverdon-les-Bains, which, at a routine of one show per month, allowed him to build a network of national and international artists of an emerging art movement and cultural phenomenon from the streets into the institutions. Eager for new challenges, he decided to promote the graffiti and street art universe in Zurich, a cosmopolitan city known for its international artistic influence. Since 2014 Kolly Gallery represents the most known graffiti art gallery in Switzerland and is a good reference in Europe and overseas! Aside for his passion for graffiti, Julien Kolly is an entrepreneur, constantly seeking new challenges. In 2007 he founded the communication agency vingtneuf degres and in 2019 the market research company About You.

2020 - Kolly Gallery Geneva - gallery

2022 - Donuts - communication agency

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