Summer Series 2: A natural medicine kit to save your summer

Whether you're on the Playa & Mojito team or the Mountain & Apricotine/Genepi team, here are a few essentials to have with you, on holiday or on the road.
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Summer Series 2: A natural medicine kit to save your summer

Here are some essentials to have with you:

  • An Aleppo soap, with 30 or 40% laurel berry oil, very gentle for all skin types, including the most sensitive.
  • A vegetable oil, which you can use as a make-up remover and as a moisturiser for the face and body: sweet almond, coconut, argan, and muscat rose are all recommendable.
  • An aloe vera gel, the summer favourite, which soothes irritated and overheated skin (including heat rash), works wonders on sunburn and helps heal burns  
  • Green clay for making poultices (to help sprains, tendonitis, etc.)
  • Activated charcoal, in case of bloating, indigestion or diarrhoea
  • Arnica balm, gel or cream, in case of knocks or falls
  • Finally, the queens of all-natural medicine kits: essential oils! Peppermint is beneficial against nausea, stomach aches and headaches; lavender relieves insect and snake bites; fine lavender or petitgrain bigarade, Roman chamomile or marjoram are all excellent choices to relax and promote better sleep; ravintsara to support the immune system in case of cold or fatigue; tea tree oil, with its potent broad-spectrum antibacterial effect; as well as capsules containing oregano, a formidable treatment for infections.

Be careful when using essential oils directly on your skin: if you have never used them, always make a small test, with 2 to 3 drops poured into the elbow, and wait 24 to 48 hours to ensure there is no irritation.  

With this, you're set for summer. Enjoy!

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